TIPC-Online: stream schedule

TIPC-Online-schedule-3The 24h TIPC-Online stream is less than 24 hours away and we are very excited to share the schedule of the event! TIPC-Online is part of our successful kickstarter project which led to the publication of the open access book The Interactive Past.

TUNE IN via our Twitch channel: twitch.tv/valueproject

We would like to provide a brief explanation of what you can expect to see and hear in this version of The Interactive Pasts. TIPC-Online is both a conference but also a very, very fun experience. As such, there will be video presentations and, naturally, a LOT of gaming!

In red you see all the random fun events which will take place during the 24 hours. From the book launch and live reading of the book to miniature painting (Warhammer!) and even a live synthwave concert while retro-gaming!

In light blue we have all the AMAZING contributions by all the wonderful people who invested their time to create video presentations for this event. Combining game footage with screenshots, slides, film footage and audio, each video tells a unique story surrounding the theme of the Interactive Past.

Of course, we wouldn’t have a conference about interactive media without gaming! In light green you can see all the gaming sessions which include a wide variety of video games, some of which are requests from Kickstarter backers, but also tabletop RPGs and board games!

Finally, in orange are the timeslots where VALUE members are placed in the role of interviewee and get to talk about points of interest related to gaming and research. We are going to interview each other, but of course anyone of you can ask questions via twitter/twitch.

Whether you will join us for the entire 24 hours or will drop in at your convenience, we are certain that this stream extravaganza will be valuable to you: inspiring, educational, plus a lot of fun! So be sure to tune in, add your voice and your questions and let’s talk about the interactive past!

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